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PepsiCo Technician - Quality Control-5000637235706- Austin in Austin, Indiana

less thanp>24.96 per hourless thanbr>less thanbr>Position operates equipment that blends raw materials to create beverage products to exact specifications. Position is responsible for weighing, measuring, and mixing ingredients to standards. Performs routine tests to ensure resulting mixture meets specified properties and consistencies. Performs periodic sampling of products as they are being bottled/canned to ensure continuous meeting of standards including product quality, fill levels, labeling, freshness dating, and container integrity. Records test data and communicates modifications to the manufacturing process to eliminate any irregularities. May be required to periodically deep clean and sanitize blending/filling equipment and production lines. This job may require lifting/carrying cases weighing 20-45 pounds repeatedly over 10-12 hour period and continuous standing and walking, manipulating and handling product samples while sitting.iless thanbr>less thanbr>less thanstrong>PRIMARY ACCOUNTABILITIES:less than/strong>less than/p>less thanul>less thanli>Operate and monitor production line(s) to ensure efficiencyless than/li>less thanli>Remove or shift materials and/or finished products to facilitate proper flowless than/li>less thanli>Perform tests and use special equipment to ensure package and product qualityless than/li>less thanli>Operate all manufacturing equipment efficiently and safelyless than/li>less thanli>Clean equipment and area during and after shiftless than/li>less thanli>Maintain clean work area through good housekeeping practicesless than/li>less thanli>Follow process guidelines and expedite quality concerns to managementless than/li>less thanli>Work with production/maintenance as necessaryless than/li>less thanli>Keep daily records tests performed and resultsless than/li>less thanli>Regular, reliable, predictable attendanceiless thanbr>less thanbr>less thanstrong>BASIC QUALIFICATIONS:less than/strong>iless than/li>less thanli>18 years or olderless than/li>less thanli>High School Diploma or GEDless than/li>less thanli>Must submit to a drug screenless than/li>less thanli>Pass the background checkiless thanbr>less thanbr>less thanstrong>HELPFUL EXPERIENCE:less than/strong>iless than/li>less thanli>Experience with audit compliance (e.g., monitoring, documentation, variance explanation, etc.)less than/li>less thanli>Experience with product changeovers (e.g., CIP, flavor changes, sanitizing, setting formulas, etc.)less than/li>less thanli>Experience operating testing instruments (e.g., Carbo Qc, HPLC, Densitometers, Water Testing, etc.)less than/li>less thanli>Experience following standards of operations (SOPs) (e.g., following procedures, etc.)less than/li>less thanli>Experience calibrating instruments (e.g., making adjustments to ensure accurate measurement, etc.)less than/li>less thanli>Experience with microbiology (e.g., product sensitivity, Category 3 and Category 4 products, etc.)less than/li>less thanli>Experience with reverse osmosis/water treatment systems (e.g., permeated technology, etc.)less than/li>less thanli>Experience with cooling/ammonia systems (e.g., able to trouble shoot and maintain, etc.)less than/li>less thanli>Experience with mechanical systems (e.g., general trouble shooting, cleaning and reassembly, etc.)less than/li>less thanli>Experience with sensory testing (e.g., taste, odor, appearance vs. reference sample, etc.)less than/li>less thanli>Experience with basic chemistry (e.g., titrator, pH, dosing, graduated cylinders, mixing, etc.)less than/li>less thanli>Experience with food safety (e.g., AIB certification, operations prerequisite programs, UP lights, etc.)iless thanbr>less thanbr>Our Company will consider for employment qualified applicants with criminal histories in a manner consistent with the requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and all other applicable laws, including but not limited to, San Francisco Police Code Sections 4901-4919, commonly referred to as the San