Heavy Duty Trucking Inc Dispatcher in Indianapolis, Indiana

The dispatcher’s job entails receiving orders from customers or the manager and making necessary arrangement for the driver and vehicle to convey the freight to the supposed destination. It is equally his or her responsibility to chart the route to be taken by the driver and ensure that they adhere to the predetermined route. The dispatcher must be able to track the movement of truck and report appropriately to the manager and clients. All these require in-depth knowledge of routes within the regions or the states in which they operate, map reading skill and ability to track vehicles using GPS, vehicle tracker and other such devices.

To fit in well in this position, he must be excellent at communication, emotionally mature and must be able to work under pressure. Excellent planning skill, good sense of judgment, and ability to prioritize effectively is also very essential. The dispatcher must have excellent interpersonal skills, and should also be able to maintain good relationship with customers, drivers and co-workers to be effective in carrying out the work description of the position.