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Codeverse Virtual Guide/Instructor in Remote, Indiana

Imagine you are aboard a beautiful intergalactic spaceship, which is connected to, and part of a community of, millions of similar spaceships. This massive community is home to billions of families, each of them beautifully unique and precious. Your passion is to care for and encourage the growth and development of kids within this magnificent community.

These children live in a time where all information is universally available, and all repetitive tasks have been automated. Memorization and specific technical skills are no longer relevant or useful. You must ensure they learn a new and entirely differentiated set of skills and values. They must learn how to think, instead of what to think.

You must help develop their intellectual curiosity and build their confidence to express themselves creatively, test their ideas, and bring those ideas to life. You are their friend and their helper, and must show them how to be empathetic, so they may collaborate with others, and develop the strong meaningful relationships which make for a rich and fulfilling life.

You are a Codeverse Guide.


Guides are the heart and soul of Codeverse. We are seeking enthusiastic, positive, and hard-working individuals to teach and lead fun and motivating virtual coding sessions (50-minute 1:1 classes) for kids! In order to become a Guide, you must first complete our Rank 1 Become KidScript® Certified program, which takes between 5-10 hours to complete. Upon completion of this program, you'll become officially certified in KidScript®, our proprietary coding language, and obtain your teaching certificate to conduct 1:1 virtual sessions with kids.


One of our top priorities is creating an exceptional virtual experience for kids. During every virtual session, kids should feel inspired to create, motivated to learn, and empowered to challenge themselves. As a Codeverse Guide, you will play a critical role in ensuring this happens by:

  • Bringing energy and enthusiasm to every 50-minute, 1:1 virtual coding session

  • Ensuring a safe and inspirational virtual environment which gives kids the confidence to explore on their own, to break and rebuild, and to learn by doing

  • Encouraging kids to test their own ideas, create freely, and share the results with others

  • Using phrases, choreographed movements and rehearsed scripts to direct the virtual session experience and embody the Codeverse brand

  • Working with parents to ensure each child's specific needs are being addressed

  • Diligently follow all processes and protocols as defined by Codeverse

  • Anything and everything which helps ensure the safety and happiness of kids and parents, and the smooth execution of each virtual session experience


Our business is not like many others and requires a great deal of care to ensure a phenomenal virtual experience for every kid at Codeverse. To be successful in this role, you must:

(1) Meet these basic criteria

  • Be a US citizen, hold a US Resident Alien card, or possess a valid US work permit

  • Have prior experience working with children between the ages of 5-13

  • Pass a background check

  • Desktop or laptop computer with a working camera, microphone, and speaker

(2) Be the Codeverse Way! We are all here to inspire and empower kids to create!

To do this successfully, you should always be able to "play the part" of a Codeverse Guide - we will supply you with all the training needed, but maintaining this Codeverse way of an upbeat, enthusiastic guide is KEY to your success!

  • Be emotionally resilient, and bursting with positive energy, optimism and enthusiasm

  • Lift up others by consistently expressing positive affirmation, joy, and caring

  • Genuinely love being around children, and are always even-tempered and patient

  • Value diversity and building long-lasting relationships with kids, families, and teammates

  • Feel excited to be part of something that is well defined, structured, and process-oriented

  • Remain calm and respond quickly when faced with stressful situations or crises

  • Are passionate about, and believe in, our mission to inspire and empower kids to create

(3) Be a strong communicator

  • Have a friendly and professional phone and email etiquette

  • Be a great communicator who is comfortable speaking with both kids and adults

  • Be an excellent role model and mentor for students, and will represent the values of the company both during and outside of your work

  • Feel confident in communicating to parents and kids about tech and troubleshooting and are familiar with the settings of different devices, are able to grasp the idea of cookies/cache/allowances in browsers


Note: You do not need prior coding experience to apply. We provide the resources, tools, and educational content you need to effectively teach virtual sessions.

To apply to become a Codeverse Virtual Guide, simply click on the button below that says Apply Now. You'll be asked to complete a survey and upload a short video of yourself. This is your golden opportunity to let your personality shine!

Once you submit your application, our team will review it and get back to you, via email, within 5-7 days. If you're accepted, you'll be asked to complete the Rank 1 Become KidScript® Certified program, which takes 5-10 hours to complete. This program teaches you how to:

  • Learn to code using KidScript®, our proprietary coding language for designed for kids ages 6-13

  • Lead and teach virtual coding sessions to kids

  • Manage and set your own schedule

  • Advance your coding skills with continued education opportunities

Once you have completed this program, and received your KidScript® certification, you are able to officially lead and teach 1:1 virtual sessions to kids!