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RR Donnelley Driver in Seymour, Indiana



Seymour, IN

ID: 51439


Transport raw materials, work in process and finished goods between various types of establishments such as: manufacturing plants, freight depots, warehouses using company tractor with a pintle hook or fifth wheel. Must recognize and be able to make minor mechanical repairs needed to keep truck in good working order. Complete vehicle circle checks and pre/post inspections on every trip.

Thorough knowledge of how to operate vehicles that are larger and have heavier loads to secure and control; have air brakes and are more susceptible to sliding and tipping; and are difficult to maneuver, especially when turning and backing. Skill and knowledge to operate these vehicles over a variety of roads including interstate highways, narrow country roads, and on steep winding grades. Knowledge about which routes may be legally driven and the overpass clearances and other restrictions on such routes based on weight limits. Knowledge of State and local safety rules and regulations, and the rules of other jurisdictions for operating vehicles. Knowledge and skill to load cargo properly onto the vehicle, using appropriate tie-downs such as chains, binders, or straps for transit on public roads at highway speeds or under similar driving circumstances. Knowledge of the operator's manual for their assigned vehicle and skill to apply such knowledge to particular driving situations. Ability to recognize developing maintenance problems when conducting an operator's inspection of their assigned vehicles, and to report technical problems to the supervisor.

RRD is an EEO/AA including Vets and Disabled Employer