Regal Beloit Corporation Centerless Plunge Grind Set Up and Operate 1 or 2 Machines - midnights in Valparaiso, Indiana


Sets up and operates manual, CNC or automatic in-feed centerless grinders to perform operations necessary to produce parts to specified contours and tolerances.


  • Performs all work necessary to set-up or reset any of the assigned plunge grinders to grind a variety of bearing components; set-ups consist of changing and dressing grinding and/or regulating wheels to various interrelated dimensions; changing stops, ejectors, blades; adjusting rails, feed cams, machine angles, inputting data for roller grind, etc.

  • Operates grinding equipment; loads and unloads parts by hand to blade of machine.

  • Sets up and operates micro finishing machine to finish contour rollers or similar components.

  • Performs grinding and/or micro finishing with the use of either one hand load or two hand load-auto feed machines.

  • Uses a variety of gages to check various dimensional characteristics, such as OD sizes, race size, squareness, convexity, concavity, roundness, surface finish, etc. Gages parts in-process and makes adjustments to maintain specified tolerances and finishes.

  • Dresses grinding and/or regulating wheel and honing stones to either straight, radiused or stepped dimensions and makes necessary machine adjustments during production run to maintain required quality.

  • Performs miscellaneous related duties, such as clerical recording, material handling, etc. and maintains cleanliness of machine(s) and work area.QualificationsHigh School Diploma / GED